Ambassadors of Panama and the Dominican Republic visit EWP’s Power Plant in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv.


Mr. Héctor  Aparicio  Ambassador of Panama in Israel and Mr. Alexander De La Rosa Ambassador of the Dominican Republic arrived to EWP’s power plant  at Jaffa Port to witness firsthand EWP’s innovative and unique Wave Energy power station. Both were positively impressed and expressed significant interest in the possibility of exploiting the ocean energy in their home countries. This visit in Eco Wave Power’s demonstration site, as well as the additional visits made by different partners, electric companies, governments, engineers, consultants and investors emphasizes the strong interest and need in the implementation of wave energy worldwide. Below Please see photo from the official visit (right to left) of : David Leb, founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power, Mr. De La Rosa (Ambassador of the Dominican Republic), Mr. Hector Aparicio (Ambassador of Panama), Ms. Inna Braverman Co-Founder and Marketing Director at EWP, and Mr. Strugano, Advisor. ambassadors.19.08.2014